Peru Is The 2nd Economy In The Region Least Vulnerable To A Global Crisis


The Peruvian economy is one of the most rigid in the region, due to the prudent management of the economic policy that seeks to have sound macroeconomic foundations, according to Gestión.

This media also informed about the country’s positive risk, which is of 141 points. “In the region, it is surpassed by Chile (135 points) and is below the regional average (501 points) and emerging countries (380 points)”, they said.

The strength of our economy is reflected, among other indicators, in the reduced external deficit that is currently 1.6% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and its low public debt rate (25% of GDP) that places it as the second in the region with the lowest public debt,” said César Peñaranda, executive director of the IEDEP (Instituto de Economía y Desarrollo Empresarial) of the CCL (Cámara de Comercio de Lima).

“Therefore, should there be a significant interruption in the inflow of capital or an appreciable exit from it, our country could face a new external crisis,” he added.

Another strength that identifies the Institute of Economics and Business Development is the high level of reserves of almost 27% of the GDP that the country has, which represents four times the total of short-term external obligations.

As for the international arena, there is also a concern about Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India and Bolivia, emerging countries that register low macroeconomic indicators and that collectively account for 10.4% of Peru’s exports.

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