Peru Ratifies Commitment To Peace Before The UN


Foreign Minister Néstor Popolizio ratified in the United Nations the commitment of the Government of Peru to sustainable peace and conflict prevention, said El Peruano today.

In his speech at the session of the high-level meeting of the United Nations Assembly, the Peruvian minister said he will present to the council a resolution identical to that adopted by the UN on sustainable peace.

“Peru, as current president of the UN Security Council, has convened a high-level briefing on the role of the Council in the promotion of sustainable peace, and has facilitated a new resolution identical to the one it will adopt,” said a tweet published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to El Peruano.

Popolizio also reiterated Peru’s commitment to peace and conflict prevention, and ratified that corruption is a transnational threat that erodes democratic governance and undermines efforts to achieve peace in the world.

The minister reminded that during the VIII Summit of the Americas that took place two weeks ago in Lima, the strengthening of the democratic governance and the fight against corruption was prioritized.

Finally, through a statement, Peru welcomed the announcement made by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the suspension of its nuclear program, you can read in El Peruano.

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