Peru’s Economic Strength Maintains Investor’s Interest


Livia Honsel, Standard & Poor’s Sovereign Ratings Analyst, believes that, in spite of the current political noise in Peru, the trust in the Peruvian economy remains.

Honsel told El Peruano in an interview that, according to the firm she represents, “we project that the Peruvian gross domestic product will grow 3.5% this year, which will be affected positively by the expansion in exports and the impulse in public and private investments”.

She also says that, especially the investments are something that is going to keep on growing, according to what is observed since 2017’s third trimester.

“If there are no setbacks, 2018 should close with more growth than 2017”, Honsel believes.

The Standard & Poor’s Analyst says that the mining sector will be one of the most contributing sectors to Peru’s economy this year, as well as private and public investments. “Private consumption will also grow because there is a significate level of trust, which is also closely linked to the political situation”, Holsen explains.

She considers that Peru will continue to be this year an attractive country for new investments, independently of what occurs in the political sphere. “There’s stability (…), we don’t see a recession in the short term”, the Analyst agrees. “We observe a consensus between the authorities to make Peru a credible country in the fiscal and monetary fronts”, she adds.

Holsen also says that, even if the private investment doesn’t grow as expected, Peru’s condition will not be affected in the short term. She also explains that the most attractive sectors for business are infrastructure development projects.

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