Peruvian Doctor Ricardo Pun-Chong Is Elected CNN’s Hero Of The Year


Ricardo Pun-Chong won the CNN prize Hero of the Year in recognition for his work with homeless people who don’t have financial resources for medical purposes.

CNN Hero of the Year is an award that this news network gives as a recognition for people that do great social work, and in this case, it was given to Pun-Chong, also known as “Doki” and “Doctor Vida”, which are some of the nicknames the children of the Inspira shelter have given him.

“This award was determined by online voters who selected the Peruvian physician among the top 10 finalists of CNN Heroes. He will receive $100,000 US dollars for his cause”, Perú 21 informed.

After receiving the award, Pun-Chong said that the real heroes are the children, who show that “love has no boundaries”, according to the aforementioned media.

He is the founder of the Inspira shelter, which offers a temporary home for children with cancer, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and burns. It was founded in 2008 and, so far, he has helped more than 800 families.

If you want to help this cause, you can donate here.

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