Peruvian Space Agency Begins The Installation Of The Largest Telescope In The Country


The Space Agency of Peru began to implement the largest and most modern telescope in the country, which will be part of the future National Astronomical Observatory, projected on top of a mountain 4,500 meters above sea level.

The telescope is called Ritchey Chrétien (RC-1M) and has a height of more than four meters and a mirror of one meter in diameter, informed the Ministry of Defense.

According to information from Gesitón, this telescope was acquired by the Space Agency of Peru to the German manufacturer APM Professional Telescopes for 985,000 euros.

“The tool for space observation has been assembled this week in the Cambrune village of the Carumas district, which is located in the southern region of Moquegua”, the aforementioned media said.

At the moment, it will work in a facility of the Municipality of Carumas until the National Astronomical Observatory is built on the Sasahuine hill, on the heights of the land of the same village, whose location has the most optimal atmospheric conditions for astronomical observation.

The instrument will allow the development of high-level astronomy in Peru, especially in the study of stellar variability, minor bodies of the solar system and stars, among other elements, in addition to promoting astrotourism in the Moquegua region.

(Cover Photo Nasa)

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