How Peruvians Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Today in many places around the world we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Peru is also one of them.

El Comercio says that around 69% of the people in Peru will be celebrating, whether it is something simple or a great event, Peruvians choose to have a good time.

“Peruvians are willing to spend an average of 100 Soles per person in restaurant reservations, hotels, or tickets for shows”, said Greta Armestar, Country Manager of Atrá “Besides, we are more cautious when it comes to making a reservation because we do it up to two weeks in advance”, she explained to El Comercio.

Also, Atrápalo says that people in Peru prefer a romantic experience today rather than giving or receiving presents. A night out to a restaurant is one of the most favorite things to do this day.

The average budget for a romantic dinner with a partner is of 95 Soles per person”, El Comercio explains, adding that concert, play, and stand-up comedy tickets are also on the most wanted list for a romantic getaway.

As for hotel reservations, Peruvians prefer four-star hotels, which are usually booked also with two weeks in advance. The average spent is of 192 Soles per person and the favorite destinations in the country are Lima and Paracas, and Cartagena and Panamá when traveling abroad.

“Technology is also a great ally for love”, Armestar told El Comercio. She says that the use of smartphones or tablets to plan Valentine’s Day increased this year by 16%.

Do you have any special plans for today?

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