Pescados Capitales inauguration in La Rambla


This past Wednesday, October 24, Pescados Capitales, opened up their third restaurant, this time located in Las Rambla’s Gourmet area in San Borja.

(Photo: Marco Simola/Traveling & Living in Peru)
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Established in a privileged corner of this very modern shopping mall, Pescados Capitales is ready to receive hungry customers every day of the week. While the décor is completely different from that of the other two establishments and blends well with the modernity of the Ramblas, the menu is similar in all three restaurants with some additional offers. Tiraditos, ceviches, chupes, and jaleas await for you. The evening event was well attended with enjoyable appetizers and cocktails served and inviting us to come back and try them all.

Stay tuned for our restaurant review of Pescados Capitales coming soon!

Pescados Capitales La Rambla
Calle Domenico Morelli 288, San Borja




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