Quake in Arequipa: 780 Affected Families so Far


More than 24 hours after the 6.8-magnitude earthquake near Arequipa took place last Sunday, the number of families affected by the damages has ascended to 780. This information is according to the chief of the National Institute of Civil Defense (Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil, Indeci), the General Jorge Chávez, cited by El Comercio from a press conference today.

The number of collapsed homes is currently of 168, plus 37 schools that have also been affected by the earthquake. Chávez added that there are also 15 health institutes that have registered damage from the quake, as well as 4 police stations.

Only one death is known to have occurred so far because of the earthquake, but at least 104 people were wounded.

Some of the districts that have suffered more damage are: Caravelí, Atico, Chala, Lomas, Cháparra, Huanuhuanu, Jaqui, Quicacha, Cahuacho, Bella Unión, Acari and Yauca.

The chief of Indeci also declared that during the first 24 hours the focus has been in securing the areas to make them safe for transit. “The electric power has been recovered almost in 100%, and the water service in 50%”, Chávez says referring to the affected region. He also adds to El Comercio that in places where the water supply has been cut off, water tanker trucks have been sent, as well as help for shelters for the people that have resulted homeless.

This earthquake’s epicenter took place in the Pacific Ocean, 26 kilometers away from the Peruvian town Lomas.

The quake also affected Chile, specifically in the regions of Arica and Parinacota, that are close to the Peruvian border.

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