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Hello friends,

Noche de Arte 2017 is BACK and you can enjoy some of the best art of Peru at the headquarters of Banco BBVU in Av. República de Panamá 3055 in San Isidro.

Check out our editor Hope Ansanelli’s exclusive interview with Tabitha Wells, Noche de Arte’s Honorary President: Click here!

The event is open today and tonight and we’re celebrating one of Peru’s finest artist Maestro Fernando de Szyszlo. If you can’t make it today, Noche de Arte is still open tomorrow Sunday.

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Last week PeruMin 2017 closed its doors in Arequipa after another successful event. Mining is a very important business here in Peru and offers jobs to 100 of thousands and generates huge income for the government.

Peru is and will always be a mining country and if we do right, respect the laws, the communities and mother nature, we will be fine.

And now to the sad and frustrating news.

 Wednesday the teachers union SUTEP announced they would occupy the streets of Peru Thursday (September 28) and again Wednesday, October 25 to demonstrate against the evaluation required by the government to receive a salary raise promised to most of the teachers by the end of this year.
Personally, I think SUTEP is using the children of Peru as hostages for the unions own benefit instead of looking after both their members and the children who every day is looking for a chance to learn something and improve their lives.

Which other businesses here in Peru is not evaluating their workers before increasing their salaries?

I really hope the talented and brave teachers, who want to make a difference and teach our kids useful things will get a raise and those who aren’t competent to do their job will resign and move on, so we again can focus on our children’s needs and not SUTEP’s.
No, it is not James Bond, but Hugh Hefner, the man who invented Playboy and liberated sex in America. Wednesday he passed away at age 91 after having slept with more than a 1,000 women according to himself. No doubt he was a huge womanizer, so he did have that in common with James Bond.

 At age 86, he gave this entertaining interview to the Washington Post.

 If you don’t like Hugh Hefner, and I know many don’t, then I found this interesting TED-talk, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.
You all probably realized that I’m a little crazy about exponential technology, what the future brings and what we can achieve with this technology. “What if you could know exactly how food or medication would impact your health — before you put it in your body?”. That is what Jun Wang, Genomics researcher at iCarbonX talks about in the super interesting TED-talk which was recorded earlier this year.

This week’s joke:

 A bunny rings up an airline. She asks, “How long are your flights from America to England?”

The woman on the other end of the phone says, “Just a minute.”

The bunny says, “Thanks!” and hangs up the phone.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Originally from Denmark, Carsten returned to Peru in 2002 with his wife and eldest son. He started in 2005, among other ventures in Peru. Before this, Carsten has worked in tourism, living in France, Sicily, and the U.S., and promoted bands like Metallica, Def Leppard and U2 for PolyGram Records (now Universal Music). Carsten loves pisco sours, Peru’s cuisine, and traveling with his family within Peru, a country that he believes is the land of opportunities.