Shakira Will Visit Peru This Year


It is expected that the renown Colombia singer will make a Latin American tour this year.

According to an article posted on the Chilean newspaper “La Tercera”, Shakira will be arriving in Peru before the year ends to perform for all those fans eager to see her on stage once again. The show in Chile is already set for October so it is expected to see the Colombian singer visiting Peru around that date.

In addition, the article points out that the artist would also perform in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and her native Colombia.

With Shakira, the long list of international artists that will visit Peru during this year increases. International bands such as Radiohead and Depeche Mode will perform during the first quarter of the year. It is worth mentioning that last year was an excellent year for concerts with shows by important artists such as Bruno Mars and Green Day.

It should be remembered that last year, Shakira had to postpone her El Dorado tour through Europe and the United States, due to a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. This health problem also caused her to delay her tour of Latin America.

However, the Colombian singer announced that in June of this year she will return to the stage. “I promise to give all my fans everything I can from the first minute I go on stage, and that is for every single concert on this tour,” were the words the singer said in a video a few weeks ago.

Would you like to see Shakira perform in Peru?

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