Skeletons Found In Lambayeque Were Missing Bones Which Were Probably Used For Jewelry


Thirty tombs were found in the Lambayeque region in Peru with 32 skeletons belonging to the Moche culture and some of them were missing their feet.

“It is believed these people, of which many were children, had their feet removed after death to be re-purposed for use in jewelry”, Mail Online informed.

According to them, this practice was common in ancient Peruvian civilizations with the purpose of making lockets to be worn by surviving family members.

Among other findings, there were 60 large urns that contained remains of alpacas, llamas and guinea pigs.

“The archaeologists discovered the graves in the district of Pomalca in the region of Lambayeque in Peru which contains remains from the pre-hispanic Moche and Lambayeque cultures”, explained Mail Online.

Other discoveries included looms and instruments for making textiles and ceramic pieces.

The Moche civilization flourished along the northern coast and valleys in ancient Peru, in particular in the Chicama and Trujillo Valleys, and they were contemporary with the Nazca civilization. They disappeared around 800 AD.

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