Switzerland Wants To Invest In The Development Of Public Infrastructure In Peru


Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen, secretary of State for Switzerland’s economic affairs said that the country wishes to invest in the development of public infrastructure in Peru and to improve the commercial exchange within the nations.

“The important thing for a country like Switzerland, and of course for its companies, is that Peru remained an open economy in the last 18 years and that is a good sign for investment and international markets”, she told El Peruano in an interview today.

Currently, Peru and Switzerland maintain a positive commercial relationship with many commodities and also agricultural products that they exchange.

“I know that the Peruvian Government wants a greater diversification of its economy and make it more industrial. There is a lot of potential, but it is not up to me to say which sectors should develop more”, she told the media.

In addition, she said that exports and imports between the countries have grown significantly since they have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). “On both sides, we must concentrate more on trading other products that require a greater added value, such as chocolate and asparagus”, she said.

Ineichen also considers that Peru has opportunities in the Swiss market with coffee and cocoa. As for the European country, they are very interested in many sectors of the Peruvian economy, but mainly in the development of public communication infrastructures, such as roads, railways and airports.

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