The University Of San Marcos Will Do Scientific Investigations For Public And Private Institutes


The Center for Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research (CITBM) of San Marcos University was authorized by Concytec to develop research projects proposed by companies, universities, institutions and public and private organizations.

The executive director of CITBM, Dr. Jorge Alarcón Villaverde, gave this information, highlighting the benefit that this will mean mainly for companies that wish to invest in research and innovation. It will also allow for them to deduct up to 175% of their taxable income.

The center where these investigations will take place is located within the Institute of Tropical Medicine, in the University City of San Marcos with a staff from three companies.

There are also experts from the Center for Investigation of Tropical Diseases of the Navy of the United States (NAMRU-6), based in Peru, with whom they develop research in the basic lines of water, soil, and society, and biotechnology and health, you read in Andina News Agency.

The CITBM is now authorized to carry out projects outside its scope, such as those requested by a company to find innovative methods to remedy mining liabilities by reducing the contamination of lagoons or water sources.

Among other projects, there are clinical trials of vaccines against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as well as test trials against the disease caused by the Zika virus.

“As vaccine trials are very difficult, we join research networks based in the United States and internationally, maintaining the same standards of procedures and regulations so that they are comparable,” said Dr. Alarcón to Andina.

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