These Are The Best Paid Technical Careers In Peru


According to the latest census of the Ministry of Education (Minedu), more than 400,000 young people are currently studying a technical career in 768 institutes of higher technological education (IEST) throughout Peru, and according to Andina News Agency, these are the best-paid careers.

In the first place, with an average salary of 3,506 soles are the technicians in mining, metallurgy and petroleum engineering, followed by technicians in architecture and urbanism with 3,458 soles on average, monthly. The third place is occupied by technicians in marketing with an average income of S / 2,504.

Also, Andina informed that the largest number of IEST, public and private, operate in Lima, where there are 167. They are followed in order of proportion in Arequipa (59), Cajamarca (49), Cusco (45), La Libertad (44), Áncash (41), Lambayeque (38) and Junín (38).

Also, it was known that the technical career with the highest number of enrollments was accounting and finance with an average salary of 1,787 soles. With this information, it is evident that students are not going necessarily for those careers where they could make the most money with.

“Young people prefer to be sure for a career that does have higher labor demand, over that which is better paid but with less supply in the market,” the chief of the Directorate of Technical-Productive and Higher Technological and Artistic Education Services of Minedu, Facundo Pérez Romero, said.

He pointed out that in a country where the socio-economic and geographical reality is so diverse, the occupational demand and the distribution of technical professionals are very complex.

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