Toledo’s Extradition Is In Order And Within Expected Deadlines


The extradition of former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo from the United States is within the expected deadlines, according to Foreign Minister Néstor Popolizio, who ruled out a deliberate delay to avoid the ex-President’s return to Peru.

“Everything is in order, everything is within the deadlines,” he told the press, according to Andina News Agency.

Popolizio emphasized that the extradition proceedings would take up to two years, according to the deadlines of the United States authorities.

“We do not have a definite time, but these cases usually take between a year and a half and two years in the American process,” he said to the press.

Former President Toledo is required by the Peruvian justice system, which prosecutes him for the alleged crimes of collusion, money laundering and influence peddling in the Odebrecht case.

According to Jorge Barata, former representative of Odebrecht in Peru, Toledo received at least $20 million US dollars as a bribe to grant the construction of the Interoceanic highway to the Brazilian company during his government.

However, Toledo says that the accusations against him are a revenge from his political enemies and he assures to have never received bribes.

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