Tomorrow Peru Celebrates 197 Years Of Independence


On July 28, 1821, general José de San Martín proclaimed the independence of Peru. This was a political process that occurred during the former viceroyalty in the country, which began with revolts in 1810, organized by Masonic lodges.

The revolts let to liberal revolutions that were quickly put down, according to information from Washington Hispanic. They ended on July 28 of 1821 with the declaration of independence in Lima. Nevertheless, the war did not end until 1824 with the battle of Ayacucho.

“The culture of Peru and its different expressions, such as art, music, architecture, and food has always been characterized by the mixture of South American and local culture”, wrote Washington Hispanic. “Thanks to the Peruvian diversity, the different traditions and customs coexist”, they continued.

Today the public sector of the country has the day off, and many people take advantage and travel around the country.

According to Mincetur (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism), more than 760,000 people will travel this long weekend for the holidays, and Lima will be the most visited city in the country.

If your plan is to stay close to the capital, we selected 10 hotels you can stay in and have a great experience!

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