Traditional Peruvian Art From 7 Regions Enters Virtual Commerce


The group of artisans that are part of “Ruraq Maki, made by hand”, opened the doors of their businesses to the world to start the distribution of their creations through virtual stores.

The Minister of Culture, Patricia Balbuena, presented the online stores yesterday, according to El Comercio, informing that in a first stage, around 800 families from seven regions of the country will be favored: Amazonas, Ayacucho, Cusco, Ica, Junín, Piura and Ucayali.

“Artisan associations may promote and market their traditional folk art, through an electronic sales platform”, the media said.

It is a difficult issue because the market does not always provide adequate incentives, this is also part of the educational process, we are entering a new chain, a new business model that cannot leave behind the essentials of Ruraq Maki, which is the originality of the piece and the valuation to the patrimony that there is in each one of them”, highlighted minister Balbuena.

To launch the platform, the head of the Ministry of Culture entered this link and acquired a colorful chick of alpaca wool with Andean design, made by Saúl Ccarita, weaver of the Artisan Association of the Valley of Ausangate, integrated by 21 communities of the district of Pitumarca (Cusco).

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