University Students From Peru And Mexico Create A Refrigeration System With Sustainable Energy


Students from the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN) in Peru and Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) developed a project that controls refrigeration systems in universities and several centers, using solar energy and reducing electricity costs.

Yamil Minez Cuba, Engineering professor of UPN, explained that the work “Application of solar energy in cooling systems and power generation” seeks to maintain the ecosystem by taking advantage of natural resources and avoiding destroying the planet, said Andina News Agency.

“It represents an advance in the innovation of alternatives that generate renewable energy”, she told the agency. This cooling system is also designed for libraries, classrooms, offices, cafeterias and health services, and it works using a microcontroller LM 35 for temperature control and an LCD screen.

Sustainable energy is an energy that can be used without compromising future generations to meet their needs. Therefore, Minez believes that it is important to encourage and educate young people about the excessive use of fossil fuels that cause imminent scarcity of environmental resources.

This initiative will help the students contribute to each of their countries to reduce the high levels of pollution that exist in the atmosphere.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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