Úrsula Letona’s husband cited for Odebrecht Case


According to Congressman García Belaunde, Guzmán Zegarra needs to explain his participation as a “technical advisor” in the Gasoducto del Sur contract.

Congressman and member of the Lava Jato Commission, Víctor Andrés García Belaunde, announced that they will request Congress to convene as soon as possible fujimorista Úrsula Letona’s husband, Juan Carlos Guzmán Zegarra, for his participation as an advisor in the concession of the Gasoducto Sur Peruano, awarded to the Brazilian firm Odebrecht and the Spanish company Enagás in 2014.

García Belaunde told La República that Guzmán Zegarra needs to explain what his part consisted of in the contract of Gasoducto del Sur, which, according to him “is one of the worst Peru has ever made, with the most irregularities and corruption”. He also added that “in this gas subject, Odebrecht was involved since day one”.

A few months ago, according to what La República explains, the Prosecution confirmed their investigation since 2017 on Úrsula Letona’s husband participation in the Odebrecht contract in Peru. “According to what has transpired, the spouse of the legislator of Fuerza Popular made the legal report that would have finally benefited Odebrecht, the company that won the tender”, they say.

Letona says that her husband was only a technical advisor, not a legal one, regarding the contract with the Gasoducto project. “My husband is a featured lawyer in hydrocarbons and has many years of experience in this matter”, she explained. “He has worked in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, and he was the technical advisor, not legal (…) that’s the participation he had. He has explained it before”, she continued.

Nevertheless, yesterday, Congressman García Belaunde manifested that it is important that Letona’s husband explains what the differences are between a technical and a legal advisor because “a lawyer is not going to be a technical advisor in well drilling”, he said to La República.

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