Venezuela, A Priority on the Agenda of Colombia and Peru


Yesterday, the presidents of Colombia and Peru met in the IV Bi-national Cabinet to address the urgency that America needs to find a way out of the crisis in Venezuela. They also asked the Venezuelan government to accept humanitarian aid.

Juan Manuel Santos and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski met in Cartagena, Colombia at the Training Center of the Spanish Cooperation of this city to discuss bilateral issues, but the Venezuelan situation topic stood out, wrote El Nacional.

“The first to speak on the matter was the Peruvian leader, who exhorted the American countries to think about how to help solve what is happening in Venezuela”, this website informed.

“There is a country, which has the largest oil reserves in the world, which is next door, and is having a terrible time,” Kuczynski said.

Nevertheless, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza told the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday that “there is no crisis” in his country, said El Nacional, adding that it is an “old unilateralist trick”.

On his part, the Colombian president said in the meeting that he is deeply concerned about the large number of immigrants that are currently arriving in Colombia and Peru to escape the difficulties.

According to a recent report from Migración Colombia, there are 550,000 Venezuelans in the country and the migratory flow of people increased 110% in 2017”, informed El Nacional. Also, almost 2,000 of these immigrants have been detained for crimes between January 2017 and the first week of February 2018.

This situation extends also to Peru, according to the National Superintendence of Migrations in Peru. They informed earlier this year that about 8,000 Venezuelans arrive in Peru every month.

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