Water Stored In Huascarán Glaciers Was Reduced To Almost A Third


In the last two centuries, the volume of water stored in the glaciers of the Huascarán Mountain was reduced to about a third, the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Ingemmet) revealed, according to Andina News Agency.

This result was obtained from geomorphology studies developed by Ingemmet researchers to reconstruct how the glaciers were in the past.

“When in the past the climate was colder and more humid, the glaciers advanced, and the evidence of this process can be known with the geomorphology,” Ronald Concha Niño de Guzmán, of the Directorate of Geology, told the Andina.

The global climate has experienced a constant increase in temperatures, which has resulted in the retreat of glaciers In the Peruvian Andes.

“In the case of the Huascarán mountain, during the ice age, its glaciers covered 69 square kilometers and stored a volume of 3,698.1 million cubic meters at an approximate ambient temperature of 0.9 ° Celsius”, Andina revealed.

By 2016, the glacier’s extension was reduced to 40.4 square kilometers, which means approximately 42% loss.

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