What Can You Expect In Black Friday Peru 2018?


Next Friday, November 23, the world goes crazy with sales, and Peru is not an exception.

“There is a Friday every year in the world where stores launch their best discounts and face-to-face and online sales soar, breaking sales records of up to 10,000% more purchases than on a regular day. This is Black Friday, a trend that has doubled its global interest in recent years”, RPP Noticias describes it.

Even if Black Friday began as a tradition in the United States the day after Thanksgiving and to inaugurate the Christmas shopping season, it is now a worldwide event.

In Peru, RPP Noticias says that more than half of Peruvians are willing to participate on Black Friday deals.

Among the discounts you will find with average discounts that go from 54% to 80% there are: clothing; electronics; footwear; cosmetics and perfumes; home appliances; gifts; products for children; books; sports accessories; and underwear.

“Additionally, you can find discounts on flights and packages(…) Such are the offers that an average Peruvian can spend more than 700 soles buying items on this day”, you can read in RPP Noticias.

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