Yesterdays 4th March Against Fujimori’s Pardon


Clashes were isolated to Arequipa Avenue. Police fired tear gas bombs to disperse those who left the established route.

3 weeks after President PPK decided to grant a humanitarian pardon for former President Alberto Fujimori. Groups of people started to get together yesterday before 5 in the afternoon around the Kennedy Park (Miraflores) to participate in the march in rejection to this decision.

It is worth mentioning that Former President Alberto Fujimori has already left the hospital where he was hospitalized and moved to La Molina with his son, Kenji.

This is the fourth mobilization organized by students, collectives, human rights activists, political parties and trade unions against Fujimori’s pardon.

The march began at the Campo de Marte and traveled along Guzmán Blanco Avenue, Bolognesi Square, Paseo Colón, Grau Avenue, Abancay Avenue, University Park, San Martín Square, Nicolás de Piérola Avenue until the May 2 square.

It is worth mentioning that many government workers resigned their positions once President PPK made this decision on Christmas Eve, most of them stating that they could not be part of a government that made unfair decisions regarding such delicate subject.

In this protest, the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) participated. Other than those ones who left the previously established road, there were not any incidents during the protest.

Do you think people should be protesting this decision? Do you think it will change anything?

(Cover Photo El Comercio)

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