1,370 Migrants Became Peruvians


More than 1,370 foreign citizens, from the five continents, acquired the Peruvian citizenship since December 2016, when the Peruvian Nationality Chamber was inaugurated, informed the national superintendent of Migrations, Roxana del Águila Tuesta.

“70% of the nationalized people achieved this status by marriage with a Peruvian; while 25%, for being the son of a Peruvian born abroad; and 4%, by naturalization” El Peruano explained.

The new Peruvians come from America (75%), Europe (19%), Asia (2%), Africa (2%) and Oceania (1%). The main countries of origin of the nationalized citizens are Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Cuba, the United States and Argentina.

Del Águila gave these figures after the ceremony of nationalization of 15 foreign citizens at the headquarters of Migrations, on the occasion of the International Migrant’s Day.

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