Peru Is The 2nd Country In The World That Hosts More Venezuelan Migrants


After Colombia, Peru is the second country in the world that hosts the largest number of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, according to numbers of the UNHCR (United Nations Agency for Refugees) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

“In total, three million Venezuelans have left their country to migrate to other countries in the world”, said El Comercio today. The latest figures show that Colombia holds the largest number of migrants from this country, with more than 1 million.

The list is followed by Peru with half a million, and then Ecuador with more than 200,000.

“Likewise, Argentina hosts 130,000, Chile more than 100,000, and Brazil 75,000 Venezuelan migrants”, the aforementioned media said.

In addition to South America, the countries of Central America and the Caribbean also recorded an increase in the number of arrivals of Venezuelan refugees and migrants. Panama, for example, welcomes 94,000 Venezuelan citizens.

According to data from national migration authorities and other sources, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean host approximately 2.4 million Venezuelans, while other regions host another 600,000.

According to the latest figures from Migrations in Peru, the current number of Venezuelan migrants in Peru represents an increase of close to 100,000 in comparison with the data of the first days of October. Of this figure, 130,000 have the Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP).

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