Fresh & Easy Meal Delivery Disrupters Emerging in Peru (VIDEO)


Who doesn’t love eating out? It’s easy, no clean-up, no hassle but it does come with its costs. Fortunately, there are new solutions sprouting up in Lima!

Peruvian gastronomy is world famous for a reason. The unique combination of ingredients gives Peruvian dishes a flavor you cannot experience in any other cuisine or country. And while there are hundreds of places to eat out in Peru, sometimes at the end of the day we just want to get into our sweats, put up our hair, and enjoy those meals at home.

Foodbox fresh food delivery service is pioneering the way for those of us who are short on time or energy but expect to eat quality meals. They have created an easy online service where you can choose your recipe (vegan options available!), and the ingredients (portioned) will be delivered to your doorstep. They truly take the hassle out of quality cooking!

In this video, brought to us by our friends at Foodbox, check out from one of their amazing chefs how to easily prepare one of Peru’s most famous dishes, the Lomo Saltado!

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A native of Long Island, New York, Hope joins our team after finishing up her two year Peace Corp's service working in community-based environmental resource management in northern Peru and Master's degree in Environmental Studies. Passionate about life and living it beyond limits, Hope loves to teach and practice Yoga, cook healthy home-made recipes and explore the world with her loved ones.