20 Animals In Danger Of Extinction In Peru


Peru’s jungle is filled with many species, and it is considered the place on the planet with the greatest biodiversity. Nevertheless, wildlife trafficking and indiscriminate deforestation is leading many species in danger of extinction.

The following is a list of 20 animals that are currently in danger of extinction in Peru, according to La República:

1. Andean bear

It is a small-sized bear that is also known as the spectacled bear. What most characterizes this species is the presence of white or yellow spots around the eyes, which sometimes reach the throat and chest area.

2. Andean condor

This is a bird that lives in the mountain range of the Andes and its situation of extinction is currently the most serious in Peru.

3. Anteater

Despite its name, it has no close kinship with bears. It is one of the animals in danger of extinction in Peru, because of its natural predators: jaguars and pumas.

4. Andes cat

It is one of the least known cats in the world. It is not only in danger of extinction in Peru but is also considered the most threatened species in the Americas.

5. Pudu

It is a kind of deer and the smallest deer that exists, it reaches up to 33 centimeters in length and 7 kg in weight. In Peru, it is most threatened by forest destruction, illegal hunting, dog attacks or abuses to its species.

6. Pink dolphin of the Amazon

It lives in the Amazon River basin and represents one of the five species of water dolphins that live on the planet. However, it is in danger of extinction as a result of the destruction of dams, canals and the diversion of natural rivers.

7. Mountain danta

It is an exotic animal that inhabits the surroundings of the Andes Mountain Range, especially in Peru, where it is currently considered to be in danger of extinction. Among its main threats is the loss of its habitats as a result of slash and burn.

8. Otorongo

Also known as a Jaguar and is the only one of the five current species of this genus found in America. This species has already been practically extinguished in the United States.

9. Yellow-tailed woolly monkey

It is a species of simian primate that lives in difficult mountain areas. It is estimated that in the north of Peru there are a total of 250 specimens, which is why it is considered in danger of extinction.

10. Real Churrete

To date, it is estimated that there are only about 250 individuals of the in the south of Peru, of which 150 are in the sacred valley of Cusco.

11. Carunculated curassow

It is a species of bird that is found in the jungle of Peru, near the fertile plain of the rivers, in well-drained areas.

12. Bald uacarí

It inhabits the Amazon region of Peru and lives in the treetops, where it feeds on fruits, roots and seeds. Poaching and deforestation are the main factors that are in danger of extinction.

13. Sea cat

It is possible to find it along the South American coast and it feeds on marine animals and some birds that it manages to hunt. Peruvian legislation maintains programs for its conservation in the Paracas National Reserve.

14. Giant otter

It inhabits all of the Amazonian areas in Peru and hunting is the main threat to this animal.

15. Peruvian Cortarramas

It is endemic to the north and central coast of Peru. This animal is threatened by the growth of cities, which causes the destruction of their natural habitat and makes them vulnerable to being trampled and killed for fun.

16. White-winged Guan

This bird is in critical danger, and it is estimated that there are only two hundred or less of them in Peru.

17. Wonderful hummingbird

An endemic species from Peru, specifically from the area surrounding the Utcubamba River. It is in danger of extinction because it is hunted as a form of entertainment.

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