354 Kilos of Cocaine Seized in Peru


The National Police in Peru (Policía Nacional del Perú, PNP) seized a load of about 354 kilos of cocaine, related to a Colombian drug-dealer, supposedly on its way to Belgium, informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to El Espectador.

This operation took place on February 11 in the districts Ancón and Puente Piedra where the anti-drug agents of the PNP captured a man that was driving a truck, allegedly with drugs, towards a storage or deposit in Callao, a port near the city of Lima.

Information the police told El Espectador confirms that this load belonged to a group of drug-dealers, run by a Colombian identified as Vaquero.

This organization is dedicated to allegedly gather, prepare and transport to Lima the cocaine produced in the valley of the rivers Apurímac, Ene, and Mantaro”, says El Espectador. They also explain that this place consists of the largest cocaine-growing area in Peru.

Currently, Peru is considered as the second global producer of cocaine, after Colombia. It has around 43,900 hectares of coca crops, which are able to produce about 400 tons on cocaine, according to official estimations.

A few weeks ago, the governments of Peru and Chile committed themselves to develop a series of actions to reinforce the fight against drug abuse in both countries, as was informed by the National Commission for Development and Drug-Free Life (Devida).

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