Lima is The Third Latin American Capital with Most Expensive Lands


With an average land value of $3,077 US dollars per square meter, the Peruvian capital is at the top three of Wellcot’s list.

According to a report about the lands located in the main financial capitals in Latin America, Lima is located in the third place, said Gestión.

The real estate consulting company, Wellcot, prepared this report for the entire region. They concluded that Sao Paulo, Brazil, is currently the city with most expensive lands, with an average cost of $3,893 dollars per square meter.

The second city on the list is Mexico City with a value of $3,646 US dollars per square meter. Lima is third, and its average land value per square meter is of $3,077 US dollars, considering places such as San Isidro, Miraflores, Cercado de Lima, and San Borja.

Gestión also says that Wellcot’s report indicates that Bogota, Colombia is in fourth place with $2,883 US dollars per square meter, and then Santiago de Chile with $2,444 US dollars per square meter.

“According to El Mercurio, there are several factors that influence the lands’ value. On one hand, there’s the economy of each country”, wrote Gestión.

They also explain that the healthier the economy, more demand from companies and multinational corporations to what to operate in the country, and therefore, the price tends to go up.

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