A 5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Was Registered This Early Morning in Piura


There are no tsunami alerts for the Peruvian coast.

This early morning a 5.3-magnitude earthquake in the Ritcher scale was registered in Piura, according to information from Peru’s Geophysical Institute (IGP), wrote El Comercio.

IGP informed that the epicenter was located 86 kilometers southeast of Sechura, Piura at 3:01 am. It took place 38 kilometers deep, they added.

“After the announcement of this movement, the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy of Peru discarded any possibility of a tsunami in all of the Peruvian coast”, El Comercio said today.

Very often, Peru is affected by earthquakes because of its location on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. This is what people have named an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where volcanoes constantly erupt and quakes take place very often.

The Ring of Fire only registers about 85% of all of the seismic activity in the world, as well as the volcano activity.

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