The 5 Best Luxury Lake Titicaca Hotels


The highest navigable body of water in the world is Lake Titicaca, and it happens to be in Peru. Throw in the luxurious Lake Titicaca hotels that ring the lake and you have the makings for an incredible travel experience on your hands.

With many traditional towns around and on the lake, and plenty of wildlife and nature to experience, there is no end to the possibilities and rewards of visiting a place like this.

Here are five Lake Titicaca hotels and resorts that are worth the trip.

1. Isla Suasi

When we go on vacation, a lot of times, the appeal to visiting a foreign country is the seclusion that is achieved. It’s nice to meet new and interesting people, but having the chance to experience comfort with a loved one without having to deal with scores of tourists can be hard to find. Isla Suasi naturally creates an intimate atmosphere for enjoying activities such as kayaking, hiking and relaxing. On top of that, a private beach, hotel bar and restaurant, spas, and a peaceful terrace will have you forgetting that you have a place you already call home.

(Photo: Isla Suasi)

2. Libertador Hotel Lago Titicaca

If tranquility is more your forte, you’ll find that at Libertador Hotel Lago Titicaca. This island hotel is accessible by car, but just far enough away from the city that you’ll find relaxation comes easily. As with other resorts, you will find spas, a bar and restaurant, lavish lounges, a gym, game room, and more. You’ll find everything you need to make yourself comfortable, and you’ll also likely find like-minded people to mingle with, as the site offers more than 100 rooms. Take a short journey to the city if you feel like finding other things to do, but you’re not likely to get bored here.

(Photo: Libertador Lago Titicaca)

3. El Castillo del Titicaca

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a castle, well, now’s your chance…sort of. El Castillo del Titicaca is known for its iconic spire, which gives it the appeal that staying in a castle might. The property is actually a huge mansion that harbors plenty of fun and activities. Guests can use bicycles, kayaks, and climbing gear for free! This place also has a bar and restaurant, so you can taste the local cuisine and throw back a couple of pisco sours. This place is extremely beautiful, and you can get rooms that overlook the lake or garden.

(Photo: Castillo del Titicaca)

4. Yavari Bed & Breakfast

Something that people may find to either be just a novelty or a completely pleasant experience, may find both at Yavari Bed & Breakfast. This hotel is quaintly located on a 19th Century gunboat docked on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The highlight, stated by reviewers, was the five-star quality breakfast. Experience sunset and lake life directly on this ship, and enjoy some history while you’re at it. The hotel is currently closed, but plans to reopen in July.

(Photo: Yavari Bed and Breakfast)

5. Taypikala Hotel Lago

If you’re looking for the bona fide luxury hotel experience, I suggest you look no further than Taypikala Hotel Lago. This place is rather large, and boasts the usual luxury items such as a spa, outdoor activities, bar, restaurant, and much more. This place is highly rated and recommended by the many people that have stayed there, and many have sworn to return. Picturesque moments, delightful cuisine, and quaint atmosphere all create the perfect getaway.

(Photo: Taypikala Hotel Lago)

These accommodations only scratch the surface of what the Puno and Lake Titicaca area have to offer. As the largest lake in South America (by volume and surface area), you can bet that there are many other beautiful places to stay that we didn’t have room to mention here.

Take a look for yourself, and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, too!

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