5 Best Things to Do in Paracas!


Paracas or El Chaco is a lovely beach town in the South of Peru which is around 235 km from Lima. Paracas is a very popular spot for tourists looking to take a few days break.

This little town which is most popular as a launching pad for a trip to the Islas Ballestas is a charming spot where you will never be lacking for things to do.

Keep reading to find out about the top 5 things to do in the Paracas.

1. A Day Trip to Islas Ballestas

Islas Ballestas, which has earned the nickname of ‘poor man’s Galapagos’, can be reached by a boat from the Paracas harbor. One of the top attractions in Paracas, the Islas Ballestas would offer you glimpses of bottlenose dolphins circumnavigating your boat while the rock with the Candelabra is definitely not to be missed. Make sure to carry your hat and bring sunscreen since there isn’t anything by way of shade during your entire boat trip.

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2. Paracas National Reserve

The Paracas National Reserve is a must visit while you are in the town. The reserve comes with a vast expanse of desert which has been created for protecting the biodiversity of the surrounding area. Once you cross all that sand, you will get to see some mind-blowing sights. The area where the desert meets the sea is sure worth a few photographs. While away the time on the deserted beaches and spot the flamingos, lizards, and birds which come your way. The Visitor Centre of the National Park has a number of exhibits so you can easily spend an hour there.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

3. Tambo Colorado

The Inca outpost of Tambo Colorado is about an hour’s drive from the town of Paracas. The place derived its name from the red paint which once entirely covered its adobe walls. One of the most well preserved archaeological sites of the area, the Tambo Colorado once used as an administrative base and religious center of the Inca people. The Temple of the Sun and the Inca Palace are the two most interesting structure of the ruins.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

4. Centro de Interpretacion

Situated at about the distance of 1.5 km from the entrance of Reserva Nacional, this modest interpretation center offers exhibits on archaeology, flora and fauna and even a 12 minutes video screening mainly aimed at the young ones. There is a bay right in front of this complex which is surely one of the coolest spots to view the Chilean flamingos from. You will also find a walkway leading to a lookout from where you can do some great bird watching between June to August.

(Photo: Flickr)

5. Paracas History Museum

Although most of the archaeological stuff found from this region have been shipped off to Lima, the Paracas History Museum is home to a large collection of elongated human skulls belonging to the Paracan royalty who mysteriously died around 2,000 years ago.

(Photo: Free Public Domain/Facebook)

If you are still wondering how to spend your time in Paracas then make sure to walk around on foot and visit the numerous cafes and souvenir shops. Misk’i is one of the most popular tourist resto-bar where you can catch up with fellow travellers in the evenings.



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