67 Incarcerated Spaniards In Peru Will Be Returned To Their Country


The Spanish Foreign Ministry has closed another record repatriation agreement with the new Government of Peru under President Martín Vizcarra.

There are 67 Spaniards who are being “transferred” to Madrid, where they will arrive this Friday afternoon at the Torrejón airport.

“Half of the returnees are prisoners with drug trafficking convictions in dreary Peruvian prisons and the rest nationals with scarce resources”, wrote El País.

Last year, 66 Spaniards returned to Spain in the month of September. These two operations are based on a theoretical agreement of transfers signed between the two nations in 1986, which came into force one year later.

Of the 67 current cases, 36 of the prisoners are arrested in compliance with the sentence in Peru (27 men, one in a wheelchair, and four women), and 31 are citizens with serious subsistence problems.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, María Victoria González, general director of consular and migratory matters and of Spaniards abroad, thanked the facilities given in recent years by the Peruvian authorities to solve the living conditions of expatriates”, you can read in El País yesterday.

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