Áncash Prepared Largest Sangrecita Plate In Peru


The Municipality of Nuevo Chimbote prepared the largest blood dish in Peru, called sangrecita, on November 11.

With a total of 17 meters of this nutritious soup, as La República described it, the objective was to help eliminate child anemia in the department of Áncash, which exceeds 46%.

“For the elaboration of this stew 700 kilos of beef blood, 150 kilos of yucca, 50 Chinese onions, 20 kilos of red onion, 40 kilos of green alverjita, 30 kilos of carrot, 30 kilos of sourced bean, 25 kilograms of shake, a box of oil, 200 lettuces, 2 kilos of garlic and 2 kilos of ají paprika was needed”, the aforementioned media said.

This activity was developed as part of the campaign “A la anemia combátela con sangrecita, which means “Battle anemia with sangrecita”.

Qaliwarma, the South Pacific Health Network, Regional Hospital, Tangay farmers, as well as social programs of the municipality joined this project for the welfare of the children of the district suffering from this disease.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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