Artificial Intelligence Can Lead Technological Transformation In Peru


Artificial intelligence (AI) will lead the process of technological transformation in Peru, according to a research.

A recent investigation, done by CIPPEC for Microsoft, analyzed the potential of AI in the national context and said that Peru is in an initial stage of its implementation.

“To obtain results, three scenarios are posed: positive, neutral and negative. Ramiro Albrieu, the main researcher on the economic development of CIPPEC, explained to El Peruano that in the scenario of positive adoption the Peruvian GDP could grow annually by 6%”, this media informed.

In addition, CIPPEC estimated that 84% of Peruvian workers with occupations complementary to new technologies require more training to adapt their skills to the AI.

Another challenge has to do with the inclusion in the national agenda of the development of a comprehensive plan for the adoption of new technologies in companies, encouraging technological change from public policies and regulation.

“Finally, the main agent of technological change is entrepreneurs and businesswomen. They have to change the mentality and culture of their organizations,” said Albrieu.

The expert said that if the technology adoption process is successful, Peru could have an acceleration of growth in five years in artificial intelligence.

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