A New Internet Company Will Begin Operations In Peru


HughesNet, a subsidiary of the US provider of satellite communication solutions EchoStar, will enter the Peruvian market this week as a new offer in the fixed Internet service to serve the residential and corporate segment.

The company launched a satellite in July of this year, which allows it to have coverage in 94% of the Peruvian geography. “The advantage of our service is the direct connection with the client; we do not need a deployment of traditional infrastructure to start operations,” said Hugo Paredes, head country & commercial director of Peru of HughesNet, according to La República.

Paredes mentioned that the company’s offer in the corporate segment will be focused on SMEs in the mining, agro-export and industrial sectors. He also commented that corporate clients will represent 30% of the billing and 70% will be residential.

Currently, the company has three distributors with which it covers 15 regions of the country. To increase this coverage, it will invest $100 million US dollars over the next five years. Additionally, they plan to launch another satellite in three years.

(Cover Photo Pixnio)

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