Caritas Felices- Give Back This Season


What gift will you give this year?

Mision Caritas Felices is a Peruvian association that operates on Peruvian children who were born with cleft lip or palate and can not afford an operation.

MCF takes care of the patient and one of their parents during their stay, which includes a place to recover, food and medicines. All children who are evaluated are checked by a pediatrician, anesthetist, surgeon, psychologist, nutritionist, orthodontist and speech therapist.

This year they have launched a Christmas Campaign called, “I gifted a happy face this Christmas, have you?”.

(Photo: Mision Caritas Felices)

The campaign works like this:

You order a personalized sphere (or as many as you like) by entering onto their website at or by calling Carolina Morillas at 987-813-315 (PERU).
You just need to pick a pack (of 1 or 4) and tell them what name and color you wish it to have. They will then hand-paint the name and send it to you or you can pick it up at one of their dispatch points in Surco, Chorrillos, La Planicie or San Isidro.

All proceeds will be used to fund medical missions in Lima and other parts of Peru.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook Page here.

(Cover photo: Mision Caritas Felices/Facebook)

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