“Clonfluir” Movie Wins The Inkafest


The “Confluir” movie won today the Grand Prize of the Inkafest, the festival of mountain, adventure and environment film of Peru.

Produced in the United States and directed by Henry Worobec, this movie shows the natural areas of the Marañón River that would be affected by hydroelectric power plants projected in its course. It also shows a 28-day cruise on a raft by a group of scientists on the course of this river to detect the most-threatened places and aspects by the numerous dams that are planned to be built in its channel.

“Confluir” was selected as the winner among other 33 films that were in competition in this fourteenth edition of the Inkafest, which was held in the city of Arequipa, from October 15 to 21.

“The jury, made up of the audiovisual producer Renzo Granda and the mountaineer Nathan Heald, valued that the film tackled a problem that affects populations distributed along thousands of kilometers over the Andes and the Amazon through a complete investigation and a historical bonus”, informed La República.

In the mountaineering category, the award went to the Canadian film “Liv along the way”, which shows the efforts of the French Liv Sansoz, two-time sport-climbing world champion, in her challenge to reach the 82 peaks of the Alps that exceed 4,000 meters in altitude.

As for the climbing category, the winner was “Silence”, directed by the Argentinian Bernardo Giménez, which chronicles the physical and psychological preparation of the Czech climber Adam Ondra to be the first person to complete the most difficult climb in the world.

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