Peruvian Movie Is A Pre-Candidate For The Oscar And Goya


The first Peruvian feature film shot in Aymara, Wiñaypacaha, will be the country’s pre-candidate for the Oscars for the category of best foreign language film, and Goya for the best Ibero-American film.

Óscar Catacora, director of this film, told the official newspaper El Peruano that they received this news on Friday night”, said this media, adding that on Saturday the people in charge were already analyzing how they could manage to do to win both awards.

According to this media, the Oscar awards are given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood, while the Goya Awards are granted by their equivalent of Spain.

One of the tasks that Catacora and his brother Tito will do is to “adequately” promote the film so that more people see it before the award ceremonies take place.

“We are very happy about this decision! A thousand thanks to the Peruvian guilds for choosing us We are going with everything to represent Peru!”, the movie’s social media expressed.

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