Concytec Will Finance At Least 100 Scientific Projects In Peru


Until October 10th, 2018, Peruvian scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are able to present new scientific projects to the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (known in Spanish simply as Concytec). The institution has organized a contest to finance at least 100 scientific projects in Peru.

The budget is calculated in 43 million of Soles (more than 13 million of dollars). The call is part of an agreement with the World Bank to promote science, technology and innovation across the country.

Projects must be related to the improvement of different areas in Agriculture, Energy, Telecommunications, Health, Education, Environment, Metallurgy; and Housing and Sanitary Services. Projects focused on the agro-industry and food processing; Timber Forestry; Textile and Apparels; Mining and its Manufacture; Advanced Manufacturing; Ecotourism, restoration and creative industries may also be presented.

There are three modes to submit the projects, according to Concytec: 1. Starting research projects, focused on initiating or strengthening a previous research, 2. Advanced research projects and 3. Multidisciplinary projects involving at least two applied research groups from different areas.

The main objective with this call is to promote innovation, the development of new products or services and other technological projects in Peru. The objective is that results should be applied industrially or incorporated into the market or area. The target is universities that are licensed, or in the process of being licensed, by Sunedu; public research institutes or centers; institutes of higher education and private associations with research projects.


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