Sineace Accredited The Educational Quality Of Almost 400 University And Technical Degrees


The National System for the Evaluation, Accreditation, and Certification of University Quality (Sineace) accredited 387 higher education courses in May 2018.

Sineace is an institution that depends on the Ministry of Education and it is responsible for the accreditation of both educational institutions and programs or professional careers that have voluntarily participated in a process of evaluation of their pedagogical, institutional and administrative management, according to Gestión.

This organism also accredited 18 schools, 1 Cetpro and 38 institutions of pedagogical higher education, dedicated to the training of future teachers.

There are 2,500 quality committees registered and to date we have more than 400 accreditations granted, the evaluation process begins with the self-evaluation (carried out by these committees), which can last up to three years,” Carolina Barrios, president of the Board of Directors, told Gestión.

After the self-evaluation takes place, an external examination occurs in order to verify that the compliance with the quality standards has been achieved.

“That’s when the decision of accreditation is made or not, which is public recognition of its educational quality,” said Barrios to the media.

In addition, Barrios expressed the request done to the Congress to revise the accreditation processes to strengthen education in the country.

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