Congress Has Already Spent 3.4 Million Soles On The Lava Jato Commission


The Peruvian congress has spent so far at least 3 million 449 thousand Soles in the commission that investigates the Lava Jato case.

According to information from La República, this figure is increasing and includes the payment of payroll to officials, as well as the logistical expense generated in 16 months
of work.

The Lava Jato commission began its functions in January 2017, after the congress plenary session approved a group of congressmen to investigate the alleged payments of bribes from Brazilian companies to Peruvian officials in exchange for public works. To date, however, no report is concluded”, the media explained.

It is expected that the Lava Jato commission delivers their first report on June this year.

This commission, which was installed under the presidency of the Fujimorist Víctor Albrecht, started with 23 officials, including advisers, technicians, and assistants. As time has passed and the workload increased, more money is needed to meet the payment of salaries and other expenses, according to data collected from the Transparencia del Congreso website, cited by La República.

In March 2018 the Lava Jato commission had 30 employees, which increased the cost of salaries to 2 million 649 thousand 545 Soles from February 2017 to March 2018.

Each advisor also receives 1,000 Soles for food expenses, in addition to their salaries, as well as payment for telephone services, health insurance, and gratitudes.

To congresswoman Gloria Montenegro the commission is hindering justice and squandering money.

“I have come out to give this opinion because I am outraged because now they want more time to investigate,” Montenegro said in reference to the request that the Lava
Jato commission presented to the Plenary to receive faculties that allow it to investigate campaign contributions, wrote La República.

Nevertheless, the president of the Lava Jato commission, Fujimorist congresswoman Rosa Bartra, defended the work of her work group and said that “searching for the truth is priceless”.

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