Contradictions in Minjus about Fujimori’s Pardon Report


Eduardo Luna, from the Transparency Committee of the Ombudsman’s Office, thinks that the requested documents regarding Fujimori’s pardon should be handed over.

The Ministry of Justice (Minjus) denied the Ombudsman’s Office copies of the medical file that sustained Ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s humanitarian pardon.

Fujimori was pardoned from his sentence in December 2017 by current President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, 13 years away from completing it. He was sentenced for aggravated kidnapping and violation of human rights.

One of the reasons of the Ministry of Justice – presided by Enrique Mendoza – not to hand over the medical records was that it contained “private information related to Fujimori’s health”, explains La República.

Mendoza pointed out that there are legal restrictions that allow for him, in this case, not to collaborate with the Ombudsman’s Office, such as the right to personal privacy. This is why he committed to only hand over a copy to the International Court of Human Rights.

Three days later, the Transparency Committee in Minjus, directed by Eduardo Luna, said the opposite: The Ombudsman’s Office is in fact empowered to solicit any kind of information, including the files regarding the humanitarian pardon, like the one granted to Fujimori.

Luna warns that even if the information is sensitive, “there are still special cases in which the law and the public interest to dispense with the owner of the personal data.

Therefore, Luna believes that there has been a misinterpretation of the law by denying the request done by the Ombudsman’s Office.

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