Countries Sign Lima Commitment In Summit Of The Americas


The agreement seeks to strengthen the transparency of the government’s financial systems.

Last Saturday the countries participating in the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima announced the agreement reached to fight corruption called the “Lima Commitment”.

With the main theme “Democratic Governance against Corruption”, “the document recognizes that ‘the prevention and fight against corruption are fundamental for the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law’, wrote El Comercio.

This Lima Commitment has more than 50 points divided by themes, such as: International legal cooperation; fight against bribery, international bribery, organized crime and money laundering; and asset recovery.

The objective is to adopt a context to hold legal entities accountable for acts of corruption in the event that it is not provided for in the national legislation of the signatory countries, as is the case in Peru with the Lava Jato Case.

The Lima Commitment seeks to strengthen the transparency and accountability of incomes and expenses of the financial systems.

“Another issue to be highlighted is ‘transparency, access to information, protection of whistleblowers and human rights, including freedom of expression’ in which it is agreed to promote an inter-American open data program in order to ‘increase the capacity of governments and citizens in the prevention and fight against corruption’, El Comercio wrote.

Finally, the need to strengthen the judicial autonomy and independence of the democratic institutions was also discussed.

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