Employed People In The Lima Metropolitan Area Grew By 68,000 People


The National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) reported that in the May-June-July mobile quarter of this year compared to the same quarter of 2017, the employed population of Metropolitan Lima increased by 1.4%, which is equivalent to 68,000 more people with employment.

Andina News Agency informed that also the total of the employed population reached 4 million 893 thousand people in Metropolitan Lima, according to the technical report Situation of the Labor Market in Metropolitan Lima prepared with the results of the Permanent Employment Survey.

“In the study quarter, the employed women represent 45.1% (2 million 207,500) of the total employed population and men 54.9% (2 million 686,100)”, Andina said.

In addition, the report said that the female employed population increased by 1.6% (34,500 people); while the male did it in 1.3% (33,500 people).

And finally, the INEI reported that the unemployment rate in Metropolitan Lima was 6.2%, being the lowest rate so far this year. In the mobile analysis quarter, 321,700 people are actively seeking work.

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