Peru Is In The 35th Place In The International Employment Expectancy Survey


The latest Employment Expectancy Survey of ManpowerGroup has located Peru in the 35th place out of a total of 44 countries surveyed, where employers register their hiring intentions for the period from to September 2018.

Andina News Agency explained that this survey was conducted on 66,000 employers to predict the labor market activity in the third quarter of 2018.

“All participants were asked the same question: ‘How do you foresee that employment will behave in your workplace during the next quarter, which ends in September 2018, compared to the current quarter?’”, informed Andina.

The results of the survey indicate that the countries with the strongest hiring intentions in the world for the third quarter are registered in Japan, Croatia, Taiwan, Hungary, and the United States. The weakest forecasts are reported in Italy, Panama, and Spain.

Also, one of the conclusions is that, despite an uncertain geopolitical perspective, the employer confidence remains resilient throughout the world.

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