Experts From Peru And Poland Carry Out Archaeological Study In Toro Muerto


Researchers from Peru and Poland carry out an archaeological research project in the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto, located in Arequipa, with the objective to determining what kind of activities the ancient inhabitants carried out around the rocks that lie in the area.

Archaeologist Liz Gonzales, director of the Toro Muerto Archaeological Research Project, reported that the work began three years ago with the inventory of petroglyphs that exist in the area, as well as excavations in different places of the repository that will allow defining the purposes for which it this place was created, informed Andina News Agency.

Toro Muerto has 2,584 engraved rocks, information that was gathered using drones, 3D images, topographic surveys, and geological analysis.

Archaeologists also excavated near several rocks in Toro Muerto, finding important information about agricultural products that were part of the daily nutrition of the old settlers, and that would have been associated with the rituals performed in the repository”, you can read in the aforementioned media today.

Among the products found during the excavations were cassava, sweet potato, achira, corn, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and cotton, as well as shrimp remains, the product of the area, which is consumed to this day.

The excavation works in the Toro Muerto repository began at the end of July and will end in the first days of October. Meanwhile, the archaeological research project in the area will end in 2020.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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