Fuerza Popular Signed the Vacancy Motion for PPK


Now, 87 votes are needed to remove President Kuczynski from office.

On Wednesday night, the Fuerza Popular party unanimously agreed to support the motion of Presidential vacancy against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK).

Gestión informed that now, 87 votes are needed for the impeachment.

In a meeting that lasted about four hours, 49 legislators signed César Villanueva’s of Alliance for Progress (APP) motion. “They have unanimously agreed to sign the motion,” he announced upon his departure early morning.

Villanueva also added that since the motion is multi-party, he is optimistic about it. “It is a multiparty task and we have taken steps with caution”, he said, according to Gestión.

It is expected that the debate for this second vacancy request will take place next week, between March 12 and 15.

Nevertheless, president Kuczynski said yesterday that he will not be resigning from office. He also warned earlier this week that a decision to remove him from office would destabilize the country.

He published on his Twitter account on Monday that there are no grounds for his ouster, and urged Congress to work with the government in the interests of the country.

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