Gigantic Wind Farm Gives Peru More Clean Energy


On September 7 the Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes Mezzano; the Country Manager of Enel Perú, José Revuelta Mediavilla; and the Responsible for Renewable Energies of South America of the company, Antonio Scala, inaugurated the Wayra I wind farm for generating renewable energy.

This farm will be operated by the Peruvian renewable energy subsidiary Enel Green Power Peru (EGPP) of the Enel Group, according to information from Energía Limpia XXI.

“With an installed capacity of 132 MW, Wayra I located in Marcona, Ica region, is the largest wind farm in Peru”, the website wrote. They also mentioned that this wind farm will help diversify the country’s energy matrix, strengthen the reliability of the energy system and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is expected that the new wind farm, which was built in approximately one year and includes 42 wind turbines of more than 3 MW each, will produce around 600 GWh per year, enough to avoid the annual emission of more than 285,000 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

EGPP carried out various initiatives to support local businesses and communities, including environmental monitoring by associations and institutions. In the construction site of Wayra I, the “Sustainable Construction Site” model was applied by Enel, which includes the measurement of the socio-environmental impact of the project and the actions to incorporate the rational use of resources.

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