How To Buy Products On Black Friday In The USA And Ship To Peru


Today Black Friday has arrived in Peru and people can take advantage of the discounts offered in many places. Nevertheless, you can also buy products in the United States and have them shipped to Peru.

“With the help of technology, consumers all over the world can access these offers through the Internet and our country is no exception”, Perú 21 said.

This website explained that there are several companies in the United States that offer a courier service that specializes in shipping products to Peru. In this case, you need to provide a physical address in the United States to which the product you purchased online is sent.

“This service is known as ‘Virtual Mail Box‘ and they usually have an address in Miami. Once the product arrives at the warehouses of the courier company, it will be sent to Peru”, they explained.

Shipments of the product vary according to each company that provides this service. The product can reach your home between 5 to 10 days in Lima and 8 to 12 in the province.

Some of these companies also have a price system based on the product’s weight. “Prices may vary, but on average they charge $25 US dollars for the first kilo and increase by approximately $8 US dollars per additional kilo”, according to Perú 21.

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